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What Our Clients Say About Us


 "Laurie is a gifted hypnotherapist. I had trust in her gifts and went into hypnosis with ease. I felt confident hypnosis would help m end my nicotine addiction and to quit smoking. Well it worked, I no longer have cravings when I smell or see someone smoking a cigarette. Huge improvement in my relationship to nicotine and smoking. We also worked on a much deeper level that helped me integrate my body with my soul, spirituality and creativity. All in all I had a very positive experience during my four sessions.  K.A.

“I don't even know where to start! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am finally in a place for forgiveness - for myself and for others.

This type of therapy has been off my radar and never really "believed" in - I'm now a believer, I went in with an opened mind and also included my own "homework" to get to this point. ​

I really feel like I've won "me" back - to be the person I was and want to be.

Laurie, again thank you!!" - Tammy Anderson

“It’s definitely been a lot to sort through in my head, but hypnosis did exactly what I needed it to do. It made me go back into my life memories and fix some of the old thoughts and ideas that are holding me back in various little ways. There were a lot of walls broken down from our sessions, which is a lot of work but great! Thank you again."

- Bev M.

Miracle worker doesn’t even begin to cut it.

I’ve gone from daily panic attacks and constant existential dread to pure bliss within minutes. The sheer comfort and relaxation from going under hypnosis is addicting enough to make even my most stubborn parts succumb to the desire to get better. Keep in mind this desire to actually want to get better is a major key, however, I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t fall in love with this feeling of hypnosis. Even when working of the toughest aspects of my issues I felt completely at ease and even considered my weekly visits my ‘spa days’. This is coming from someone who was terrified of seeking help for many many years because I was scared if I changed my ways that all the bad things I was thinking up could actually come true.

Even after a couple of sessions with Laurie, I noticed such significant differences. The fact that even the people I cared most for around me also took notice of my improvements was enough of a motivation to continue my sessions. To anyone seeking help and are tired of being trapped inside their own cycle of mental anguish and anxiety, I cannot urge you strong enough to work with this amazing woman.

She really did change my life for the better and I will never be the same, thank God  L.L.

"Triquetra Therapeutic Services, Laurie, and horse therapy has made such a remarkable difference for my child. Without it, I truly do not know where we would be. A year ago I had no idea what to do, where to go, who to turn to, or how to help my anxious and very angry and frustrated child. I was very concerned that there was a gaming addiction issue developing as well. Horse therapy really helped to ground my child and helped him identify and work on issues as well as apply principles that he learned working with horses to his life. It was a beautiful process to watch. My child gave up gaming on his own and has become quite a social butterfly. He is now better able to manage his feelings. In addition, he loved going there. I am so thankful for Triquetra and Laurie. Without them, I do not know where we would be right now." KB

"I’ve been going to a counsellor for over 10 years for EMDR therapy and while I always felt better, I have not ever experienced such an amazing breakthrough before. I’ve also noticed an 85% decrease in my use of marijuana since our first session a week ago. Thank you!” - D.C

"Laurie is a true professional, and has helped me release the stress that my body was holding in. I'm not done yet as my goal is to feel better, with Laurie's help I will...... Everyone needs to learn how to meditate to release the stress....stop the band-aids that I hear everywhere...."need wine, beer, ice cream..... " Learn the right way, that is what Laurie will teach you. Invest in your health." - Tanya McPeake

"Your humor and patience helped me tremendously to gain the confidence that I can do this…that we can do this.”- H.N

“Laurie Niedermayer, you are a true professional and I have such respect for the work that you do. Really looking forward to a session with you soon.” - R. Ali

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