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Triquetra Therapeutic Services

Effective Therapies for Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypnotherapy Effective? Yes. Hypnotherapy has been used for decades as a therapeutic process to help clients heal and remove negative thoughts, behaviors & patterns

Is an online sessions as good as an in person one? Yes. In fact most people prer being able to feel safer and more relaxed in their own environment rather than being in an "office" setting

What can hypnotherapy help with? Hypnotherapy can help relieve chronic pain, release trauma, eliminate fears, phobias etc, clear unwanted behaviour patterns, help with weight loss, medical issuesand so much more.

What do I need to do to prepare for my session? You will need to be sure that: 1) You are in a quiet space and not likey to be interrupted by the phone, your family or pets. 2) That you have a good internet connection 3) That you can be sitting or lying down comfortably, with your phone or laptop set up so that I can see your hands & face. 4) You may need a pillow to prop your arm/hands so I can see them 5) Have made sure that you've gone to the bathroom prior to the session 6) That you have an open mind & can trust in the process 7) That you are committed to making changes and doing the work

What can I expect a session to be? you can expect to be guided into a deeply relaxed state so that I can direct questions and processes to your subconscious & super conscious minds to help you make the changes you want to make. The "Theta state' is the state of mind that you enter just before you go to sleep and just before you open your eyes in the morning . You know that lovely, dreamy zen-like state - that's where the magic happens.

Will I be asleep? No - you will be deeply relaxed and as aware of what is happening as you would from a regular conversation. You may find that your conscious mind (the squirrel) may drift away into random thoughts and that's ok.. That's my job - to interrupt & bypass the squirrel so we can get the work done.

What is Equne Facilitated Wellness? There are no words that can describe what an EFW session is or can do. It is entirely experiential, which means it is completely different for every person. We combine some aspects of Coaching, Counselling, Art & Music Therapy, Energy Healing and Nature Based Learning, with our hores as the guides. Horses live in the moment and encourage us to be present. They give us honest and instant feedback on our behaviour and feelings (good & bad). They meet us where we are emotionally and are completely honest in their responses, which helps us to move through whatever issue has come up for us - in the moment. And they do it without judgment.

Are we able to ride your horses? No. All our work is done on the ground at liberty - which means that the horses don't have a lead line or halter on and any work that they do with you is strictly by their choice. They are allowed to choose if and who they will work with on any given day

Who do you work with? I will work with adults that are truly motivated to their own healing & committed to the process.

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