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Clinical Hypnotherapy - 6 Sessions

Service Description

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn Hypnotherapy allows me - the therapist - bypass your conscious mind (the never -ending squirrel) in order to make the life changes you'd like to make. Similar to an anti-virus program on your computer - Clinical Hypnotherapy can remove the faulty programming you've been carrying throughout your life and re-wire it to accept the positive changes you want. We offer the following hypnotherapy protocols: *Regression & Past Life *Parts (Ego States) Therapy *and the revolutionary Simpson Protocol And the best part? You don't have to re-live your 'story' over and over again - in fact - I don't even need to know your story!

Cancellation Policy

Triquetra Sessions Rates: Are based on a per session rate, NOT an hourly rate as each session is different for each client. Usual sessions last 75-90 minutes. Savings are offered when you pre-book & pre-pay session packages. In order to receive the savings, sessions must be pre-paid, and are to be made in full prior to service commencement to ensure appointment. There is NO refund on payment made. You will have one year from initial payment date to utilize this service. Payments can be in cash, online or by e-Transfer to CANCELLATION POLICY: Appointments will not be fully booked until payment in full has been received. You will receive an email to confirm your time as well as an email reminder the day before your appointment. When you book an appointment with Triquetra Therapeutic Services, you are investing in the time as well as the services provided. I value and respect your time and mine and due to the length of our appointments, a minimum of 48 hours is required to cancel or change your appointment. Failure to do so will result in 100% charge of services. There is no refund on payment made. You will have 1 year from initial payment date to utilize this service. An exemption may be made if an appointment is missed due to an emergency. Please call the office so we can discuss. All payments are final

Contact Details

  • 29855 British Columbia 16, Prince George, BC, Canada


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