Our program offers supportive holistic therapy to assist clients that are living with a cancer diagnosis. From the initial shock, fear or anger at a recent diagnosis to the difficulty of going through the prescribed treatment or dealing with the new realities post treatment, we can help.

We introduce clients to the deeply relaxing and gentle energy of Reiki sessions, Self-hypnosis to help clients learn self-hypnosis for fear, pain management and to visualize self-healing, Somatic Stress Relief stretches to release tension and stress in the body and Equine Facilitated Wellness sessions (weather permitting) to work with the healing power of horses.


EFW sessions are a wonderful way for clients to deal with forgiveness, acceptance and courage to move forward with the loving support and guidance form our herd. 

NOTE: Our programs have been developed through our therapists own personal journey back to health from a breast cancer diagnosis. 12 surgeries, 6 months of chemo in 4 years left her unable to continue doing the work she had loved for over 25 years. Her journey has been to find methods that complimented and helped her to move forward with courage and strength.

Rates are lowered substantially so as to not add to the financial stresses of dealing with cancer. Sadly, we can not offer free sessions at this time.



Working with the herd, these sessions help groups develop trusting bonds or face issues that may be occurring in the workplace and give participants new and deeper insights into behaviours, issues and techniques to move forward. These fun and very interactive sessions can help build cohesive teams and groups.

These are just a few of the things you could learn by spending some time with our horses in our workshops:


  • Improve leadership skills

  • Develop healthy boundaries

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Identify most effective group dynamic

  • Enhance group cohesion

  • Experience empower

  • Explore a higher self connection



If you are a female First Responder who feels that you are at a crossroad, or feel stuck or overwhelmed in your personal and/or professional life, consider taking time for yourself to focus on relaxation, re-centering and purposeful personal development. 


We offer private retreats for women just like you, who prefer a focused, intimate setting to explore making peace with aspects of your past which continue to hinder your personal or professional success, and evolving mindset and playbook to move forward with peace, confidence and purpose towards a better future.


Our rural ranch setting near Prince George, BC offers a peaceful & natural setting for your healing journey. We have partnered with some local motels, should staying in town be your preference.



(not just for women – we can tailor our program for men too)

Specifically developed to help women transition from high anxiety, stress, trauma states to a balanced and peaceful state. Working with our herd (weather permitting) includes reflective sessions in the round pen, reiki sessions in the pasture, hypnotherapy to release deep emotional states, self hypnosis lessons, somatic exercises to help the body to release stress, tension and trauma, and lifestyle & life skills coaching to help integrate these practices into everyday life.

This program can also be done on an individual and private basis.


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April-October we offer the following half day workshops: 

Reiki or Meditation sessions in the pasture with the horses: Enjoy the healing energy of a Reiki or Guided Meditation session, individually or in a small group as we  hang out in our home pasture with the horses. Sessions like this amplify the beauty of energy healing in nature. 


Paint Nights or Afternoons with the Horses: We supply the canvas and art mediums, the horses supply the inspiration! Let your imagination soar and have fun exploring your inner artist - no experience is necessary!


Forest Bathing: Spend a few hours communing with nature and enjoying a leisurely walk through our forested trails. Finding answers or insights in the silence that surrounds you.