Clinical Hypnotherapist, Equine Facilitated Wellness & Belief Change, Reiki Practitioner

With over 30 years experience working with non-verbal communication, behaviour modification & retraining aggressive animals, Laurie learned to see beyond the surface, to discover the underlying reasons for certain behaviours. One she started training in the holistic therapies she offers, that experience enabled her to quickly grasp and utilize the protocols best suited to help her clients attain their desired results.

Laurie's formal training & certification has been through:

Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Sciences:

With specialized training in Parts Therapy, Regression Therapy, Soul Screening, Past Life Regression.

Simpson Protocol, Ines Simpson Hypnosis:

Certified by & Member of the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association IMDHA: International Association of Counsellors & Therapists – IACT

Reiki Heals – level 1 & 2 Usui Reiki

Ongoing studies in Equine Assisted Wellness & Somatic Exercises PSYCH-K and USUI Reiki level 3

​Dedicated to assisting people in reclaiming their health, mentally emotionally & physically, using effective & holistic therapies.

"I believe that we all have the intrinsic ability to heal ourselves, although we have lost the ability to do so. Through these powerful, self guided, proven therapies I am able to help you regain your inner balance, peace and calm. ​Dedicated to assisting people in reclaiming their health, mentally emotionally & physically, using effective & holistic therapies."



Even though age is starting to catch up to her, at 11 years old, Lacy is still all about play, chasing balls, hunting and long hikes. Oh… and is the champ at finding the dirtiest, nastiest smelling mud or puddles to roll in.



3-year old Bernese Mountain Dog Jaxx is all about cuddles and belly rubs. He’s always up for a walk and loves to just hang out with everyone. He firmly believes he should always, always be closer to you than your skin. Jaxx has a way of looking at and deeply into you.  His mission in life is to provide hours of laughs.



At 2-1/2 years old, Ravyn can be quite the independent thinker. It takes her a while to decide if she likes a person and then, she too is all about the loves & cuddles. She will never just do something because you ask it – she will look deeply into your eyes, cock her head and try to figure out what you REALLY want her to do, before deciding if she will.



Our big, beautiful, 21-year old Dun boy is always assessing “what’s in it for me”.  Cookies? Treats? Brushing & loving? Gold is amazing to watch work with clients because he will refuse to have anything to do with them until they are calm and grounded. Gold provides the perfect balance of acceptance and challenge which makes him an amazing therapist for keeping people ‘present’ because he is very clear with his ‘communication’.



20 year old Floyd is a wonderful example of a non-judgemental therapist.

While Gold can be quite standoffish, Floyd is the exact opposite. No matter what emotional state a person is in, Floyd will just hang out and simply hold space and love for them. He is simply beautiful to watch work with trauma clients, because even people who are not really in tune with energy can feel the waves of love emanating from this beautiful soul.



At 22 years old, Tommy has been there and done that and is our herd protector. His ultra calm, grounding energy is always 'present' while being very aware of anything hidden in our surroundings.  We are really looking forward to working on our connections with this stunning, laid back boy.



This lovely 19 year old Arabian mare exudes wonderful healing and loving energy.

We are looking forward to getting to know her and  learning her likes, dislikes and how she will best assist our clients with their healing.

ziva & gibbs.jpg

Ziva & Gibbs

Our newest additions to the ranch, siblings Ziva & Gibbs are already proving to be comic relief as they grow and explore new things to get into daily. We never have to guess where they are - spot one and the other isn't too far away. 


Our 5 acre piece of heaven is located within a beautiful 1200 acre ranch just north of Prince George, BC. Surrounded by pastures, hayfields and heavily forested hills, our new location is private, quiet and perfect for reconnecting with nature.