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What is Hypnotherapy - part 2

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a process that by-passes your conscious mind and goes directly to work with the subconscious mind. Think of your subconscious as the hard drive on your computer, taking in billions of pieces of information every day. And just like your computer, sometimes faulty programming gets in (a 'virus' if you will) and causes the information to be skewed. That's when poor decisions and bad habits can happen. Take, for instance, smoking or weight loss. You know that cigarette or bag of chips is bad for your health, and yet, for an apparently unknown reason, you can't stop yourself from indulging. You may feel 'cool' or 'safe', or...or... or? Clinical Hypnotherapy helps you uncover that "unknown" reason and let's YOU run the 'anti-virus program' to get things working properly again.


Hypnosis can help:

Pain control/Management (Chronic pain: IBS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis)

Trauma (Medical & PTSD, Cancer, medical procedures)

Anxiety, Stress, Depression

Weight Loss/Management

Academic or Sports Performance (improve that golf swing)


You've got nothing to lose but that old programming.

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