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Inside Out

(Originally published June 30, 2015)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take my young nieces to see the Disney movie Inside Out and I have to say that I thought that Disney's exploration into the emotions/parts of an 11 year old girls mind was brilliant. The simplified explanation of how our minds store information and also, how it dumps out 'old programming' was so easy to follow, that even my 8 year old niece understood it.

So, how you may wonder, does this even relate to this blog or what I do?

If you've seen the movie Inside Out, then you may have a clearer understanding when I say that in life, my job is to do the part that "Joy" did in the movie. My job as a Hypnotherapist is basically to help restore all the 'parts' of a clients' mind to working in harmony.

In Clinical Hypnosis we are taught a brilliantly simple and elegant therapy called "Parts Therapy."

Immediate and permanent change can occur when we open ourselves to the concept that our minds are comprised of the many snippets of information and emotions that have been captured in any given moment and become our "parts". This is the development of the distinct "parts" of our personalities. You know... there is a part of you that wants to go shopping, while there is a part of you that says maybe not; the part of you that wants to exercise and the part of you that would rather kick back and get into a marathon session of your favorite show or movie. Joy, disgust, anger, fear, happy and sad for example, are normal feelings and thoughts and everybody experiences these parts everyday.

But sometimes, a "part" of us develops to protect us from something. A threat (real or perceived), a situation we don't feel we have any control over. And that part goes into hyper-drive and spirals out of control. Overeating or smoking are common examples of this. In Hypnotherapy, I work with you, all the parts of you, to change the old programming of these parts to one(s) that will actually benefit you; help you to re-write that program, accomplish your goal (ie: permanent weight loss) and have your whole being working in synchronicity for your better and higher good.

The journey through self-discovery with hypnosis and in particular, Parts Therapy, is amazing. Profound. And can be quite fun.

So if there is a "part" of you that really wants to change something in your life, and another part that maybe doesn't; you may want to give some consideration to exploring this incredible and effective therapy.

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