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How are your Resolutions working out?

So... it is four weeks in to the new year. How are YOUR resolutions working out?

Did you find yourself starting this year full of determination and resolve, only to discover that by now, week four, you've slipped back into old habits? That you quickly fell back into the same old patterns of eating, not exercising, going off the diet or still smoking? And maybe, in spite of all the positive affirmations you have started repeating to yourself, you just feel like you are experiencing a negativity backlash? Frustrated at the lack of ability to change things in your life?

The reasons and excuses we make to self-sabotage ourselves are as infinite as the universe. Yet there is only one real reason why you are facing such difficulty. It is because your subconscious is still running old programs. The ones you have been running since you were a child. Until you are able to re-write those old thought and belief patterns, you will continue to face challenges on making the changes you want.

Think of your subconscious as the hard drive on your computer. Your beliefs and thoughts are stored there and everyday, millions of pieces of information are received and stored on the hard drive. Just like when you are on your computer and playing say, candy-crush - your entire system is running countless other algorithms and programs in the background. You aren't aware of it - it just automatically happens every time you turn your computer on.

And then - one day a Trojan gets in and sneakily starts corrupting your hard drive. After a moment (or ten) of panic, you run an anti-virus, scan and clean up the hard drive (again with programs and processes you aren't actually aware of), and things begin to work again. Things are different, changed, run better, and you are relieved that your computer is better than ever.

Or - another example would be trying to operate Microsoft Edge or play one of the new Call of Duty video games on a Windows 3 platform. No matter how much you try it - it is not going to work.

Now back your subconscious. How can you actually make the changes you really want to make?

There are several ways to help you achieve your goals quickly and in some cases almost magically:

1) Hypnotherapy


3) Mindfulness/Guided Meditation

4) Energy healing

To explore these proven therapies and begin to make the changes you really want this year.

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