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  • What can I expect from a hypnosis session?
    You can expect to feel quite relaxed and peaceful. You will be asked to follow my voice as I guide you through whatever process we use. You will receive the best results & benefits if you are committed to allowing the process to happen and by keeping an open mind. Know that your conscious mind - the 'squirrel' never shuts up - so often you may think that hypnosis is not working - but I can assure you that it is. Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter many times during the day. Have you ever been so engrossed in a movie or a book that everything else just fades away? Or you that feeling just before you drift off to sleep or just as you are awakening in the morning - that lovely, drifting feeling - THAT is natural hypnosis. And it's known as the 'Theta' state of your brain and THAT is where the magic happens in a clinical session MY job is to get you to that state so we can re-wire your thought processes and get rid of whatever is blocking you.
  • Am I asleep during a hypnosis session?
    No!. You may be so relaxed that you may drift off into a light trance state, but you will be as aware of everything in a hypnosis session as you would from a regular conversation. And I can't make you do anything that you don't want to do - or that would go against your deepest beliefs.
  • Is my session covered by extended medical?
    You will have to check with your provider for more details on what they will cover. Some providers will cover Hypnotherapy and Equine Assisted/facilitated wellness. I am not a registered Clinical counsellor, but I do offer receipts at year end that you are able to claim on your taxes as medical expenses. Some providers will cover life coaching - you will have to check with them.
  • Does Hypnotherapy really work?
    Yes it really does. However, the effectiveness of the sessions depends entirely on YOU. If you are not fully committed to making changes, then nothing I do will work for you. Hypnotherapy works best if you keep a completely open mind, can connect to an emotion associated with the issues you are wanting to work on and be open to the process.
  • What is Equine Facilitated Wellness?
    EFW - or Equine wellness is a nature based therapy that allows you to interact with our horses in a safe environment outside. Our horses are the therapists and I am there to keep you & them safe. Because they are non-judgmental, and very sensitive creatures, they will respond to you with complete honesty. If you are sad they are likely to just stand and offer you love. If you are angry, they are just as likely to walk away from you and refuse to interact until you are in a calmer state of mind. For many people, just being in their beautiful calming presence is therapy enough. For others, it may be the first time they have been near another being without judgement or fear. through a series of structured exercises as well as self reflection, the horses can guide you to a deeper understanding or place of peace. And the beauty of this therapy is that, unlike talk therapy, you do not have to re-visit anything or any trauma. we just work through whatever comes up for you. This is NOT a riding program and all work is done on the ground, at liberty. this means our horses are not haltered or on a lead line at all. That way, they are always able to choose if they wish to work with you or not.
  • Can you make me do something I wouldn't normally do? i.e. Quack like a duck?
    And I can't make you do anything that you don't want to do - or that would go against your deepest beliefs.
  • What do I need to have in order to experience a hypnotherapy session online?
    All you need is to be sure: * That you have a good internet connection * That you are in a quiet space, where you won't be interrupted by your family, pets etc. * Make sure that your phone is off. *Be in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. * Make sure that I can see your face & hands. Sometimes having a pillow to prop your arm(s) on is helpful. * Be sure to have gone to the bathroom before the session. * Be open to whatever comes up in the session.
  • Can doing a session on line really work?
    Yes! In fact most people find that being in their own environment is more relaxing than going to an "office"
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