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About our Equine Programs

Our horses are the best therapists around! They are clear in their communication and meet you wherever you are at emotionally or energetically.

Our programs are experiential in nature and may include some aspects of art & spirituality practices. Find your answers & truths from deep within - without ever having to say a word to  your chosen 'therapist' 

I might have a few things to say  though :)

THIS IS NOT A RIDING PROGRAM! All our work is done on the ground and at liberty. 

Liberty means the horse is not bridled or on a lead line at all but free to move with or away from you as he or she needs. Our horses are always given a choice in who they will work with on any given day. As sentient beings they deserve to be given choices and respect.

Need to develop boundaries? We have just the horse for that...

Want to develop better communication? Have anger or trust issues? Trauma or anxiety, fear or confidence issues? We definitely have a horse for that! 


Experience unconditional love and non-judgement


A session with our horses can be as simple as just being in the moment and breathing  


Trust building exercises develop better communication skills


Connection and deep contemplation bring peace and unexpected answers  

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