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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a proven technique that can help you change subconscious blocks and rewire your thoughts, change habits and eliminate fears and phobias.

*Highly effective in managing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and so much more. 

*You will remember as much from a hypnosis session as any regular conversation.

*You are not asleep, just in a deepened state of awareness & relaxation.

Q & A'S

Q: Do you take control of me?

A: No - You are in control

Q: Will I be asleep? 

A: No - although you may feel so deeply relaxed at the end of a session it will feel as if you've had a wonderful nap

Q: will you make me dance like a chicken or do something really stupid? 

A: NO! I can not make you do anything that goes against your morals or deepest beliefs.

Q: Does Hypnosis go against any religious beliefs? 

A: No. Hypnosis is simply a heightened level of awareness and works on making changes at the subconscious level that you wish to make. 

Think of hypnosis like an anti-virus program on your computer. My job is to simply re-write the negative emotions/patterns/habits that you wish to change. and 'installing' healthier options meant only for your highest benefit & good.

What is Spiritual Life Coaching

Our New Program will help you gain clarity, balance and alignment.

We combine signature life coaching processes with energy and spiritual healing practices that are in line with your beliefs to make permanent and positive change in your life. 

What is Equine Facilitated Wellness?

Our EFW Program is an experiential process .

Horses live in the moment and encourage us to be present. They are non-judgemental and provide us with reflection of our own behaviour and emotions - both positive and negative. Horses respond instinctively to non-verbal communication and body language, giving us honest and instant feedback on our behaviour and feelings.

The equine is a sentient being, partner and co-facilitator in the equine facilitated relationship and process. Equines have their own perceptions and emotions, and can also attune themselves to the presence and feelings of others. Through their remarkable sensitivity, perceptiveness, and intuition equines are able to offer valuable feedback and information to clients. It is crucial that they are able to express themselves spontaneously and freely through their actions and reactions when working with clients.

My Scope of Practice: 

I am certified as a Learning Professional and able to work with individuals & small groups (up to 10 people) with horses from my own known herd.

 I am able to work with an equine professional in l larger groups with their known herd.

 I AM NOT A CERTIFIED COUNSELLOR and cannot diagnose any condition. I will work with a clients' social worker, certified counsellor, psychologist or medical practitioner as requested by the client or their medical team.

This program does not focus on any religious belief system, but allows you to go deeper into the understanding of why you have particular blocks and how to shift/change them. 

We will work together to look at what you wish to change and accomplish and set up a definitive path forward. This may include energy healing sessions, belief changing processes & therapies.

I hold you accountable to make the changes happen and give you self-reflective tools and tips to keep you on track.

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