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Thought-Based Approach

Effective Therapies for Life

Image by Elia Pellegrini

Clinical Hypnotherapy 

We utilize the most powerful Hypnotherapy protocols to help you make permanent changes you have been looking for. These include Simpson Protocol, Parts Therapy,

Past life Regression & Soul Screening

Available as single, 4, 6 & 10 session packages. 

Altered Alchemy

Spiritual Life Coaching 

Our New Program will help you gain clarity, balance and alignment.

We combine signature life coaching processes with energy and spiritual healing practices that are in line with your beliefs to make permanent and positive change in your life. 

Spiritual Life Coaching is available as 3, 6

& 12 month packages.

Equine Facilitated Wellness

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Working with our horses allows you to experience connection and healing like never before. Horses are the perfect therapists because they meet you where you are with no judgement. and only love and gentleness.

Offered as Private  6 week group sessions or 1/2 & full day workshops

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