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At Triquetra, our aim is to provide some of the most powerful healing protocols & self-healing tools available today. 

This page will be updated regularly to share some of the wonderful stories about our clients, our amazing animal therapists and just life in general. 

Random Thoughts, Blurbs and General Updates

July 6, 2021

Triquetra was born out of my desire to share the amazingly powerful therapies I discovered on my own journey back to health from a devastating cancer diagnosis.

And so why does that matter? It matters because I am living proof that we can absolutely heal using natural and holistic therapies. After four years, 6 chemo treatments, 12 surgical procedures and being told that 'Eureka you are healed,' there was simply nothing to help me maneuver through the rest of my healing journey and in fact through the rest of my life. There were no suggestions as to how I could move forward other than to just deal with pain. And boy oh boy was there a lot of pain & discomfort. (well that is another story and has been documented in my soon to be released book: "My Right Breast - One Woman's Journey Through Cancer")

Anyway, I began to search for 'alternative' ways to deal with the changes and new life I now found myself in. And in that journey I've found some pretty amazing therapies that I am now very happy and humbled to be able to share with you, my clients. 

Over the last 18 months as the world shut down, I began to see more and more disconnection with people as we were all locked down and under strict 'safety measures.' The toll that isolation, fear, anxiety in all it's forms, stress and job losses, business shut downs was taking on my family & friends only began to outline for me that there was going to be a huge need for services to help.

If I can say one good thing about the pandemic, it was that there has finally been a spotlight put onto Mental Health and the woeful lack of services available to people.

And so, how can I help? 

Well I offer something for body, mind & spirit and each therapy helps on each level and is different for everybody. So if you are curious, or just fed up with regular counselling wait lists and want actionable results, book an appointment with me and let's get you started on your amazing journey to health. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that you should ditch your counsellor or therapist, as each one has their own absolutely valid way to help you. In fact I will happily work in conjunction with your mental and or physical health team to help you learn to help yourself.